Social Media Marketing

(This article was written in June 2008)

A corporate website is common sense these days, but using the social web to market your company, brand, products or services is not in the marketing textbooks yet. And that’s a shame, because the social web can improve your online visibility massively, providing an ROI you can only dream of in other media.

A map to the social web from

No need to worry, it’s not too late to start improving your online presence. Get yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and discover why and how your company should engage in Social Media Marketing (SMM).

  1. The Internet Is Changing
  2. The New Online Marketing Mix
  3. How Important Is The Social Web?
  4. Why Should Your Company Engage in Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
  5. Social Media Marketing Opportunities
  6. Social Media Marketing Pitfalls And Difficulties
  7. Social Media Marketing Possibilities
  8. Corporate Blogging
  9. RSS-feeds
  10. Viral Marketing
  11. Guerrilla Marketing
  12. Professional Networking Sites
  13. Fun Networking Websites
  14. Online Maps
  15. Video and Photo Sharing Websites
  16. Other Social Media Marketing Possibilities
  17. Nokia N95: a universal Social Media Marketing Campaign
  18. Social Media Marketing Tag Cloud
  19. Social Media Marketing Resources

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