11. Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla MarketingGuerrilla Marketing takes it one step further than Viral Marketing. It sometimes uses the same techniques as Viral Marketing, but generally the WOMMA code mentioned above does not apply to Guerrilla Marketing, on the contrary.

The whole point of Guerrilla Marketing is to go undercover and explore the boundaries of what is acceptable to promote your services and share your opinion on the social web. This marketing technique is very controversial and really exploits the possibilities of social sites.

Since Guerrilla Marketing campaigns should stay off radar, the discovery that a company is behind certain content can be disastrous for your brand or company. But if you manage to hide your identity you can have great results.

A few possibilities:

  • Pay influential bloggers to write positive reviews.
  • Send product samples to bloggers and hope they will write about it.
  • Pay well-respected community members to influence online discussions.
  • Comment on existing blogs using fake names and identities.
  • Do and spread something controversial/original that cannot be traced to your own company but that influences the image of your brand.

One of the examples where it went wrong is the campaign Microsoft did to get reviews from influential bloggers on the new Windows Vista. Thanks to this action, Vista got a really bad start in the worldwide blogosphere.



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