GMail Art: Google goes viral in Russia

During the creation of the Google Russia viral video “GMail Art“, the following ingredients were used: 162 meters of grey tape, 45 Lego bits, 32 pieces of clay, 18 painting brushes, 18 m² plastic foil, 12 aerosols, 10 liters of white paint, 4 rolls of paper, 2 kg millet pulp, 1 printer, 1 hair drier, 1 floorcloth and 1 saw.

Great Russian GMail viral

The promotional video was produced by Saatchi Moscow to get more Russian GMail subscribers:


    3 thoughts on “GMail Art: Google goes viral in Russia”

    1. Nice video! It reminds me of the Soviet stop motion movies from the early 1920s which I discussed in an art class back in high school :-)

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