Google favicons, a history…

Since almost two weeks, Google uses a new favicon. It’s the second time in less than one year Google changes its favorites icon:

Google favicon 1

This classic favicon was used for almost 8 years.

Google favicon 2

In May 2008, the favicon was changed for the first time ever. The protest was immense and in June 2008, Google started to encourage users to submit their own favicon suggestions.

Google favicon 3

In January 2009, a final new favicon was deducted from all user suggestions. Once again, the reactions are not exactly enthusiastic. But I’m sure we’ll get used to it…

Since the last update, the GMail favicon has unfortunately disappeared completely , but the Google Analytics favicon still stands… for now.

GMail favicon

Google Analytics favicon


    5 thoughts on “Google favicons, a history…”

    1. It looks like Google has gone retro, or they are paying homage to gay and lesbian rights with the rainbow favicon?

    2. My safari browser is a little slow, and ive read posts that you can empty or even just stop the favicons. I read its somewhere in a home file but i have no clue where any of this is. Can anyone show me a step by step how to do this? Thanks

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