Is Facebook dangerous? Protect your privacy…

Collecting personal data through the popular networking website Facebook is a piece of cake. At least that’s what the BBC tried to prove. And they succeeded… Using a small program it’s easy to list private data that other users have not decided to share.

Facebook not really protecting your privacy

Making your personal data only visible to direct friends is not prohibiting the application from getting all your personal information. It’s clear all this information can be misused to close a loan, apply for credit cards and so on.

The BBC’s flagship technology programme Click programmed a small Facebook application and sent it to all of their friends. A lot of these friends accepted the application and forwarded it to their friends. The option to share personal information with the application automatically was turned on.

Without even realizing it, all those Facebook users shared their public and private information with the writers of the application. After a few days they had collected vast amounts of data which they could use at their own will.

Take a look:

Facebook reacted by asking the users to be careful with their personal data. They also stressed that all applications are screened and all malicious software is removed. But theft of personal information cannot be prohibited.

You can read the entire story here.


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