Rymdreglage’s 8-bit Lego Trip

Lego is still cool, and so are stopmotion movies. Rymdreglage, a Swedish band, invested more than 1500 hours in combining both by making a movie clip for their 8-bit Trip song:

Funny detail, since this great movie got so much attention, their website is down:

Hello, this Is Rymdreglages new fancy website. But why this extraordinary with text and everything? Well after five years you people out there found us, at last, and start to visit this page. This site was obviously not made for that and reached the maximum limit of bit flow in one hour or something.

But it wasn´t much to see anyway. If you want to listen to the rest of our 44 songs and not only 8-bit trip (well 2 of the 44 is on youtube) you just have to be a little patient. Hopefully they will be on Spotify and Itunes and other modern places on what we call ajnternejt in a few days.

So thank you very much for visit our youtube chanel and keep on enjoying this site. If you stare at this text with crossed eyes for an hour or two you maybe able to reach a higher level but I am not sure.
2009-08-24 (just four month left to Christmas) /Rymdreglage.

In the meantime you can still find Rymdreglage on MySpace.


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