Steve Ballmer attacked in Hungary…

… with eggs.

Yesterday May 19th, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, was in Hungary to speak to the Corvinus University students. Suddenly a student started shouting at Ballmer and attacked him with a few eggs.

The incident was filmed from two different angles (I love modern technology…).

Angle 1:

Angle 2:

The guilty student left a completely silent auditorium…

Ballmer – Hungarian student: 1 – 0.

His friend and colleague Bill Gates, former Microsoft CEO, experienced a similar attack a few years ago with a cream pie in Brussels:


    3 thoughts on “Steve Ballmer attacked in Hungary…”

    1. I must admire how Steve Ballmer recovered from it. If I were him, I’d just walked off but kudos to his professionalism, he continued with the session.

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