Is Yahoo! going for universal search?

It’s only a few months since Google decided to provide its search engine result pages with additional media. The so called “universal search” was born. The Google SERP’s no longer only offer webpages, but also news, images, videos, maps, stock information,… Sure it will make our SEO work more difficult, but also more challenging.

Yahoo! universal search: delicious integration

And now Yahoo! seems to be going the same way. Is Yahoo! gradually adding extra information to its result pages? Sure looks like it! Techcrunch noticed Yahoo! SERP’s today that mentioned the number of times a web page was added to

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Discovering the World of Search Engine Marketing

An introduction to Search Engine MarketingLast night I stumbled across this really nice presentation by Pure Visibility, a Michigan internet marketing company. In this presentation, they really give a great introduction to what Search Engine Marketing is all about. Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click, Social Media Optimization, Web Analytics, Universal Search, … it’s all there. So if you’re looking for a beautiful, clear, not too technical explanation of what Search Engine Marketing is, read on.

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