The Google Chrome browser countdown has begun

Google Chrome browser logoIn a few hours, Google will launch the first version of Google Chrome, an open source browser, powered by Google. The rumors have been around for a long time and there were even moments when Google denied they were working on a Google browser. But today, a little earlier than expected, a mail containing a comic book about Google Chrome was sent to a few Google minded bloggers. As a result, Google made an official statement confirming the imminent launch of Google Chrome.

Apparently, Google took the best elements of all browsers available and mixed them into what they hope to be the ultimate browsers. I can’t wait to give it a try. And there’s more, all code will be made open source. I know which page I’m going to check first thing tomorrow morning…

Google Chrome browser

Another small step for Google towards total internet domination ;-)


    6 thoughts on “The Google Chrome browser countdown has begun”

    1. i’ve been using Chrome for about a day now and it seems to be a lot faster than FireFox or IE… though i do miss the “previously closed tabs” feature in Firefox

    2. Google Chrome is so good, I’ve dropped use of IE in favor of Google Chrome. I still use Firefox most of all and i’m using it for this response. But Google Chrome is very revolutionary.

    3. It’s been about 6 weeks since Chrome has been launched and I can only say: I love it. It is so much faster. I’m just missing the toolbar and plugins. But that is probably also why it is running so much faster than my overloaded-with-addons-Firefox.

    4. You know, I saw a thread about this a while back, but have neglected to check it out. I’m a die hard Firefox user…it may be tough not to be biased…

      Great post,


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