Happy fifth birthday for YouTube

Video sharing website YouTube turns 5 today. “Five years of YouTube, is that all?” was my first thought. After all it seems like YouTube has been around for a decade at least and we have to admit they revolutionized the internet as communication channel over the last few years.

On February 15, 2005 Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, former PayPal employees registered the domain name www.youtube.com. On April 23, 2005 the first video was posted showing Jawed at the San Diego Zoo.

Just one year later YouTube was amongst the 10 most visited websites in the world and by the end of 2006 Google acquired YouTube for the astonishing sum of 1,65 billion dollars.

And the rest is history:

I’m just curious how Google is ever going to monetize YouTube…

Hey YouTube, I don’t want to search before watching an embedded video!

As YouTube stated, almost 44% of all YouTube videos are watched embedded on other websites. No need to say the YouTube guys are looking for ways to seduce those embedded viewers into watching more videos and thus spending more indirect time on YouTube.

And that’s why in the beginning of november a few new features were launched, including a search box at the end of the video you just watched:

YouTube embedded search box at the end of the movie

Smart and handy if you ask me. I’m sure this extra feature will increase the time users spend watching YouTube videos. But today I saw a little variation I haven’t been able to reproduce yet. On a page with three different embedded YouTube movie, one of the three had a search box added to the player at the beginning of the movie (hey, I don’t want to start a search before watching the video…). I don’t know whether it was just a test or something they plan to roll out in the near future. It looks something like this:

YouTube embedded search box at the start of the movie

Looks strange, doesn’t it? Maybe you can reproduce it or know something more about it. So far, I found several articles and posts about a search box at the end of the movie, but I didn’t manage to find one about a search box before the movie starts…

Too much positivity on YouTube ? Post a negative comment !

This guy really seems jealous of all the positive comments on the weird videos sometimes posted on YouTube.

YouTube is my life

He’s looking for a way to stop all this positivity and wants to post negative comments but doesn’t really know how.  The answer : “YouSuck“.  If YouTube would have existed 40 years ago, no doubt Monty Python would have created a similar video…

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