Google Pulp Wave Fiction

So I finally managed to get hold of a Google Wave invite (thx @prfection). After reading some of the comments Google Wave got in the blogosphere I wasn’t really that excited anymore and someone even referred to it as an improved chat box.

Google Wave

But that’s because everyone was anticipating Google Wave as the next social network or social networking 2.0 which it obviously isn’t. Google Wave is a real-time online collaboration tool that allows people to work together online. With that in mind I must say Google has done a great job and that it’s a smooth tool to work with. OK, it’s still a little slow at times, but that’s exactly the reason why Google decided to do a soft invite-only release.

This platform has a big future! If you take a look at some of the Wave tools that have been released in the last couple of days you just know Google Wave is going to be big.

An great illustration of what Google Wave can do (at the moment) and what it stands for is the Google Wave Pulp Fiction mashup by WhirledInteractive. Enjoy!

Eat this Microsoft…


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