How to make your standard WordPress titles more attractive?

Most WordPress themes have the same, SEO-unfriendly, standard titles. Although the times are changing little by little, a lot of blogs still use those unattractive titles. They don’t look good in the SERP‘s and when you add a post to a social bookmarking site, chances are real those strange looking characters (« and ») will be transformed into something unreadable. Time to make a change…

Title tag

  • Login to your WordPress backend and go to Design > Theme Editor.

Wordpress > Design > Theme Editor

  • In your Theme files, look for header.php and click on it.
  • Select everything between the <title> and </title> tags and delete it (including the <title> and </title>).
  • Replace it with the following code:
<?phpif($_GET['s']) {

$string = explode(' ', $_REQUEST['s']);

foreach($string as $key => $value) {$string[$key] = ucfirst($string[$key]);


echo("<title>Results for: ");

echo implode(' ', $string);

echo(" - YOUR BLOG NAME</title>");

} else {


<? $theTitle=wp_title(" - ", false); if($theTitle != "") { ?><title><?php echo wp_title("",false); ?> - YOUR BLOG NAME</title>

<? } else { ?><title>YOUR BLOG NAME: WHAT YOUR BLOG IS ALL ABOUT</title><? } ?>




Of course you still need to replace the YOUR BLOG NAME and WHAT YOUR BLOG IS ALL ABOUT with your own values, but you get the picture.

Another advantage is that your internal search result pages will get a unique title containing the keywords the user searched for.

Give it a go, you’ll notice your site will get more organic clicks.

If you really want to SEO your WordPress blog, there are a few plugins that give you more freedom and possibilities to enhance your title tags:


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