Eat, tweet and make money

How about this one? You are going out for lunch and decide to have a quick burger or a healthy salad. You end up at 4food in New York where you can create your own personal menu from hundreds of ingredients (the combination of ingredients makes it possible to compose up to 200.000.000 different menus). You order your personal menu, eat your lunch and if you are satisfied with the combination, you give it a name and you share your own personal menu to your friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare.

4food: Eat, tweet and make money

4food, de-junking fast food

And now the really smart part: if someone else comes in to 4food and orders your menu, you get a 25 cent credit for your next lunch. So the more popular your menu creation, the more lunches you can have for free…

You are what they eat!

Now that smartphones are becoming more and more mainstream, we can see new initiatives like this pop up every day. They tap into the possibilities of mobile internet access combined with geolocation services, and we must admit some very good ideas have already seen daylight. I personally like this one a lot because of the viral effect and the fact that the target group of young professionals looking for a healthy and fast lunch intersects exactly with the early adapters of mobile technology (They all own iPhones, don’t they? And their friend too…).

Great initiative in my humble opinion, hope 4food will make it work…

To end, the complete 4food story:


Strange new Twitter layout

A few days ago, Twitter showed me some strange layout. Beneath the “What are you doing?” box, there was a second box that provided a possibility to send a direct message (or DM in Twitteronian) to one of your contacts. I tried it, it didn’t work, and when I reloaded the page it was gone. Never seen it again since…

Luckily I managed to take a screenshot:

New Twitter layout test?

I guess Twitter is testing some sort of new layout. Anyone who has seen the same thing?

Twitter, Twit, Tweet

Twitter is a so called micro-blogging service that allows you to share your current activities with the rest of the world. It’s a very easy to use platform and many thousands of users suffer from a Twitter addiction.

Twitter microblogging

You can share your activities, thoughts, reflections, ideas, … using the Twitter platform itself, but also through instant messaging, SMS and other applications. The main idea behind Twitter is giving an answer to the question “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less.

If you don’t understand exactly what Twitter does or what it stands for, don’t worry: the nice people from Common Craft have created a great movie entitled “Twitter in plain English“:

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