Twitter, Twit, Tweet

Twitter is a so called micro-blogging service that allows you to share your current activities with the rest of the world. It’s a very easy to use platform and many thousands of users suffer from a Twitter addiction.

Twitter microblogging

You can share your activities, thoughts, reflections, ideas, … using the Twitter platform itself, but also through instant messaging, SMS and other applications. The main idea behind Twitter is giving an answer to the question “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less.

If you don’t understand exactly what Twitter does or what it stands for, don’t worry: the nice people from Common Craft have created a great movie entitled “Twitter in plain English“:

Also check out Twittervision which might be even more addictive.

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    13 thoughts on “Twitter, Twit, Tweet”

    1. I started my own Twitter about half a year ago, but not even a FireFox plugin like TwitBin ( motivated me enough to keep micro-blogging.

      My good intentions went up in smoke!

    2. I started a Twitter account about 2 weeks ago. Still reading and noch writing. Maybe it might change.

    3. The video is very much informative for starters on twitter lik me and I learnt a lot about twitter from this video. Thanks to the author.

    4. I have an account on twitter but never really knew what to do there. This video was certainly informative and I learned a lot about twitter.

    5. The conversation gets addictive. Blogging friendships and the dialogue are very rewarding and inspiring. I’ve learned so much from the folks I talk to through the comment boxes that I use.

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