Top 10 Google parodies

According to Wikipedia, a parody is described as follows:

A parody is a work created to mock, comment on, or poke fun at an original work, its subject, or author, by means of humorous or satirical imitation.

Google Top 10 parodies

As biggest search engine in the world, Google had its part of parodies over the last years. Some went offline because Google didn’t like them and threatened to prosecute, but some managed to stay online. I present to you The Top 10 Google Parodies… that are still online…

10. Google Britney Spears parody

Google Britney Spears parody

Not much to say about Britney and this parody…

9. Goegel Antwaarpe

Googel Antwaarpe

A local Belgian Google version in the Antwerp dialect. The creator was asked to remove his Google parody, but wasn’t sure the letter was written by Google itself. So he kept it online. Respect!

8. Elgoog

Google backwards

Google backwards.

7. Doogle


The Feckin’ Search Engine of Ireland. Allows you to search a total index of 12 sites. The average search takes 1.5 hours.

6. Toogle


Your search results in a combination of text and images.

5. Google H4x0r

Google H4xOr

Actually owned by Google itself, better known as Google, the hacker version. Available links: n0rM4L s34rCh, Im4635, 6r00pZ, d1r3c70rY, 4DV4NC3D 534RC|-|, PR3F3R3N(3Z, £4|\|6µ463 700|5 and 4|| 480u7 Google.

4. Mon CV

Mon CV

This Google mash-up actually is an online resume. I hope someone hired this guy!

3. Toorgle


“The power of Google for all your torrent needs”. Search engine for torrents, powered by Google Custom Search.

2. Googoth


A Google-version for Goths. Pay attention to the “I’m feeling depressed” button…

1. Good Feelings


Google for optimists.

Can’t get enough? Try other official Google versions like “bork, bork, bork“, “Google, the Elmer Fudd version” and “Google Klingon“.


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