True Knowledge, should Google be aware?

True Knowledge, Search Engines 2.0Also fascinated by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN / Live Search?

Also wondering what the future of search might bring? Some sort of Search Engines 2.0? Artificial intelligence? Or intelligence based on user generated knowledge?

Search no more! True Knowledge might have the answer…

Today a colleague attended me to the potential of True Knowledge, a second-generation search engine. The main thing all three big engines (Google, Yahoo! and MSN / Live Search) cannot do today is give you a real answer to your specific question. Try searching them for a question like “How old is the Empire State Building?” Chances are real you will get a few pages on which the answer might be found. But the calculation will be your responsability.

True Knowledge does offer you a real answer. You will get an intelligent answer to your specific question:

Our technology addresses one of the fundamental problems in internet search: namely that computers (unlike humans) cannot understand the content of web pages. As a result, finding information in the early 21st century still involves a process of guessing keywords that may appear in an appropriate web page and hoping that a search engine retrieves a document with the desired information sufficiently near the top of the list as to be found reasonably quickly. Simply asking a search engine for the desired information in the most natural way possible doesn’t produce a direct response.

Our technology sidesteps this fundamental problem by providing a way for the world’s knowledge to be represented in a form that computers can understand and process, and for ordinary internet users to be able to add to this knowledge base without having to understand how the knowledge is represented.

Because knowledge stored within our technology can be processed and understood by computers, direct and perfect answers to questions on any topic are now possible. Furthermore, our technology provides a place on the internet where computers and other automated systems can query the widest possible domain of knowledge and receive a response in a form they can process.

So apart from the real answers True Knowledge also offers the possibility of answering questions asked by other computer systems, through their API (something Google is still trying to prevent). How it’s done exactly? Check the movie below :

Impressed? I certainly am! At the moment the guys from True Knowledge are looking for beta testers. Sign up!


    2 thoughts on “True Knowledge, should Google be aware?”

    1. If True Knowledge isn’t acquired by Google within a few months, I think Google will build its own technology…
      The future of search.

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