Woohoo, I’m a Google AdWords professional

I have done Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics for some time now. And today I finally took the AdWords exam to become a Google AdWords qualified professional.

Google AdWords Qualified Professional

And I passed !!!

Thank you for taking Google’s exam. Please view your exam results below:

Name: JayAre
Name of candidates company (if provided): QueroMedia
Student ID: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Test Title: Google AdWords Professional Exam

Start time: 3/20/2008 9:18:38 AM (GMT-7:00) (cst)
End time: 3/20/2008 10:29:39 AM (GMT-7:00) (cst)
Passing Score: 75%
Your Score: Pass (86.5%)

Congratulations on passing the exam! If you’ve met the other requirements
to attain Qualified status, you’ll receive your program logo in your Pro
Center page. For questions, please visit

It wasn’t really that hard, and from the 105 questions I got, 3 came back twice. A few questions were supposed to show a picture you needed to answer the question, but no picture available. I would have expected better from Google… But who cares ? I passed !!!

Thx Tom and Evelien for the help… ;-)


    9 thoughts on “Woohoo, I’m a Google AdWords professional”

    1. Nice job ;)
      I’m also trying to get it but I don’t have 1000 $ adwords turnover in 3 months on my account …

    2. congratz jay..though, i still got confuse here, why would one do google adwords exam? is that only for the ‘pro’ title? sorry for the numbness

    3. I will take the exam soon. Were there any questions for Google Analytics ?

    4. @danielrannu: Taking and passing the Google Advertising Professional Exam is one of our requirements needed to become a Qualified professional and receive the Qualified Google Advertising Professional Logo. If you’re not interested in attaining Qualified status, then the only reason to take the exam is to simply test and prove your understanding of AdWords. (from:http://adwords.google.com/support/select/professionals/bin/answer.py?answer=12248)

      @Dimitris: no questions about Google Analytics. The only Google Analytics question they might come up with is about the AdWords-Google Analytics combination.

    5. I took the exam for several times and I am not really successful each time. Anyway, I’ll try my luck next time.

    6. @jerry Take your time and try to play and test with some campaigns. Once you get a hold on your campaigns and get the idea of AdWords, taking the exam will be just a formality. Good luck!

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